A company formed by 3 reputed entities - Yupaa International, Yupaa Valley and the Capespan group coming together adding value in what they specialize in.

The Capespan Group owns 35% shareholding in Yupaa Fresh Pvt. Ltd and the balance majority shareholding is owned by Karvat family.

Yupaa International was the pioneer of fresh fruit import in India, importing a range of fresh fruits from all over the world and marketing and distributing it across the country. Yupaa Valley was a pack-house and cold storage, involved in grading, sizing, packaging and other value additions, for a range of Indian & Imported fresh fruits.The Capespan Group (CGL) invests in and manages a portfolio of companies offering a range of quality products, value-added products and related services in fresh produce and logistics internationally. Capespan delivers exceptional fruit from the orchard to our international retail, wholesale and food service partners according to requirements specified by their marketing divisions around the world. This covers more than 60 countries on five continents. In addition, the company provides supply service solutions to international fruit trading partners.

CSR Policy

Yupaa Fresh Pvt. Ltd. has a dedicated sales and marketing team headed by its G.M. with imports through 4 major ports of the country and a supply to a wide base of customers across India. Yupaa also has an in-house shipping and logistics as well as an import admin team that facilitates its smooth and efficient operations. All this supports and compliments Yupaa's global sourcing and procurement advantage and expertise.